Alongside quality injectable dermal therapies, Face Clinic Halifax carries additional anti-aging product lines. These have been well-researched by the Clinic and are extremely popular with our Clients.

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       Build Beautiful Skin

The Foundation: Bend Anti-Aging Liquid or Capsules

Bend Anti-Aging Formula is the critical first step to skin rejuvenation. Unlike any other skincare product, it goes deep to address the root factors of Skin Climate and produce a broad range of clinically-proven anti-aging skin benefits such as increased elasticity & firmness, hydration, helps improve symptoms such as roughness and redness associated with skin inflammation and helps in reducing skin sensitivity to UV-induced sunburn.

The Beauty Boost: Marine Collagen + Co-Factors

Marine Collagen + Co-Factors is specifically formulated to build and maintain healthy collagen levels.  These synergistic ingredients also support healthy hair and nails. 

  Lashes of your Dreams

A prescription lash serum, Latisse stimulates growth in length and volume. Many Clients have moved from extensions to Latisse. Receive a free medical consultation at Face Clinic Halifax to see if you can benefit from Latisse. 


The Power of Feeling Beautiful

Beauty is more than skin deep.  We believe that our skin – and how we feel in that skin – affects our confidence, our well-being and our perception of ourselves.  The better our skin looks, the more confident we become and the more beautiful we feel.  This is an intrinsic truth that can be traced back thousands of years, and to every culture around the world.  Vivier helps discover a “better you”.

Vivier products deliver on their promises. Investing heavily into research and development and carefully hand-selecting key active ingredients, Vivier products are at the forefront of science, improving how your skin looks and feels.

We carry the full line of Vivier products.